Face Lift

Well, I finally did it. I've been saving for over a year and I finally had my face lift. I had it on October 15, 2007 with Dr. Terry Zimmerman in Folsom, CA. I was totally out of it the first day, don't even remember the ride home. Could hardly see as my eye's were swollen almost shut. Didn't realize that they would be this closed, reading is out of the question for 3-4 days and barely can see the TV.


Went to the State Fair on opening day to avoid the crowds. This is the 9/11 memorial. The big ball is engraved with the names of the victims and rotates on water. The beam is from one of the towers. Fair food sucks.

I don't get why people love fair food. Broasted chicken is both dry and greasy at the same time (how is that possible). Everything else is dry and/or tough. All the usual "as seen on TV" stuff. I like looking at the art and that's about it for me.
There was stuff made all out of Legos
and Toytopia
which were ok.

I enjoyed the earth climate presentation which was projected on a big ball floating in the center of a "room" and the projection was all around the "earth". Pretty cool to see planetary weather changes in motion. Saw the Indonesian tsunami of 12-05 and how the wave went around the world.