Went to the State Fair on opening day to avoid the crowds. This is the 9/11 memorial. The big ball is engraved with the names of the victims and rotates on water. The beam is from one of the towers. Fair food sucks.

I don't get why people love fair food. Broasted chicken is both dry and greasy at the same time (how is that possible). Everything else is dry and/or tough. All the usual "as seen on TV" stuff. I like looking at the art and that's about it for me.
There was stuff made all out of Legos
and Toytopia
which were ok.

I enjoyed the earth climate presentation which was projected on a big ball floating in the center of a "room" and the projection was all around the "earth". Pretty cool to see planetary weather changes in motion. Saw the Indonesian tsunami of 12-05 and how the wave went around the world.

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