Got Dish Network Today - November 13, 2007

I got DISH today. Went to the auto show yesterday and there was a Dish guy there so talked to him and signed up. Got a free HDMI cable from him which is a cable for HD TV which is one cable that replaces a bunch of the seperate ones and is supposed to give a better picture. I can't remember now what he quoted in price but it was only about $5 more than paying now and that includes DVR, except we have HD now with the new TV but that is free for 6 months then will go up $20. The installer said we had to hook up to a phone line and I said no we don't and he said all the new boxes have to be hooked up and I said my friend just got a new one 2 days ago and isn't hooked up and the guy didn't even mention it to her. He said that it's $4.99 a month less if hooked up to a phone line. We don't have a phone jack where there won't be a cord across the room so the guy said to get the converter box thing that you plug in but that it was like $90 from Radio Shack so don't get from them. He said Ed (the guy I ordered Dish from) would probably just give me one or charge me $35 for one. He said he would probably charge me since he gave me the install for free. It will come in the mail in a week or a week and a half so will find out then. Different to get used to, different channel numbers to learn, have to set up favorites and learn the DVR but I think I'm gonna love it.

Sunrise Community Church Craft Fair 11-9-07

Worked the craft fair for 4 hours today, wrapping and bagging. Saw a few of my items were gone from yesterday so hopefully will be a good show. Kind of fun to work there and it's certainly a nice looking show. They said there were lots of customers last night.

New TV - November 4, 2007

Got a new TV at Circuit City. A 40" Sony LCD, one of the ones I had been researching, it's the middle model of the three basic ones, there are also 2 XBR models which are way more and I can't see a difference. Vic wanted to get the top of the basic three but Circuit City already had the best price on that one and it was $300 more than the one we got. He figured he could get the fancy surge protector and the 3 year extended warranty for the difference so got the lesser model and got the surge and warranty. Also Fry's was the best price on the one we got so Circuit City matched it so saved $80 on that. Anyway it was $1499 plus the surge protector and the warranty and $115 of tax (Placer Co.), just under $2000 all together. The guy at CC carried it on his shoulder to the car as it's only around 50 lbs. so I knew we could get it in the house easily and the box had handle cut outs so was no problem. However, and here comes the comedy --- the old TV is about 250 lbs. We brought in the Total Trolley and put it in front of the TV stand. I tried lifting my side to see if I could lift it and I could lift it up but knew that I couldn't move it out and then squat with it down to the trolley so I started thinking. I figured we could take the foot stool part of the chaise on the chair with a cushion on top and lift it to there and then down to the trolley. Well - of course I lost it on the way down and it bounced on the footstool and to the floor. That would have been a good video. Anyway, it didn't break luckily as that would have been messy. Since it was laying screen down on the floor Vic just rolled it over and I held the trolley and he lifted one end and just shoved it on the trolly. So we were able to wheel it out to the garage where it sits on the trolly waiting for an e-waste recycling. Lesley sent me a link to an event on the 17th at a school in the south area but was thinking how the hell will we get it up into a vehicle, so I started looking around the internet and found a place that advertised they will come to the house and get the stuff for free. So I filled out the on-line form and they are supposed to contact me with a date for pick up so that will be good and save having to try to get it in a vehicle. After we got the TV ate at Ruby Tuesday on Eureka. I had only eaten in the Woodland one and it was ok. There is a Folsom one now and just accidently spotted the one in Roseville and it was much nicer than the Woodland one. Salad bar was good and I had the spinich dip appetizer along with the salad bar. Vic had a big burger which he said was good. Anyway this place on Eureka I had never noticed before but it's a little row of buildings that are almost all restaurants. There's a pita place, a pasta place, mexican, ruby tuesday, something called Utopia Grill another place with a man's name which I can't remember and I think maybe a couple more. I'll have to check them out for when it's my turn to pick dinner out with the girls. Lesley and I went and dropped off our shelves, etc. at the Sunrise Community Church last night for the craft show starting on 11-8-07 and ate at Wonderful so I have about 3 more meals out of my combination plate and still have spinich artichoke dip from Ruby Tuesday. Have to mark more stuff today and at 1 p.m. tomorrow we take our crafts to the church.

Mission Oaks Craft Show November 3, 2007

Did the Mission Oaks Craft Fair today. Sucked, won't be doing that one again. Pretty sunset from my front yard.

Face Lift - October 28, 2007

Day 14, starting to look more human but still look stoned and beaten. I got my staples out on Thursday. I'm still picking out scabs and probably will be for awhile as they seem imbedded in my hairline. I ran out of fingers and my toes wouldn't reach into the picture so I've resorted to sticky notes. Day 12 looks better than today because I was wearing makeup. I'm also peeling which I didn't expect. If the one red eyeball and the chin bruise would go away I would look more presentable. The bloody eyeball doesn't show so much in the pictures but I look stoned in person. Still very swollen, feel like if you stick a pin in my face I would fly around the room. Lots of numb places. He said I would have a numb head for months. Weird because it itches but I can't scratch it, the sides of my upper cheeks feel like I'm touching a suede jacket, weird but not painful. My ears hurt but I have very sensitive ears anyway. Everything on the right, the side with the bloody eyeball is larger and more numb than the other side. With make up and sunglasses don't look too horrible. Went to Ikea for coffee Saturday and went to Jan's and watched the movers load up her stuff but that was it for me for the day. Usually, I can't stand to stay in the house for more than one day and I made it 13 days without going anywhere except to the doctor's office. Ok, I forgot a quick trip to WalMart after leaving the doctor's office the day he took out the remainder of my staples. Just got some heat patches for my shoulder. Don't know what happened to it when I had my face lift but woke up with a trashed shoulder. Didn't need the pain pills for the face but for the shoulder. I have a big lump in the scapular area and my shoulder is lower now and I can't get my arm up over my head. Can't put my hair in a pony tail and have to take my tops off through the arm hole which means I can only wear stretchy fabric. The Dr. swears they didn't do anything to me, like drop me off the operating table or swing me around by the arm. You can see a corner of the heat patch in this photo and my right shoulder is noticably lower.

Face Lift October 23, 2007

Day 9 - starting to look more human. Don't know what is up with the big bruise on the chin. The bruising seems to be shifting around. My right eyeball is really red and I look stoned.

Face Lift - October 19, 2007

It's day 5. See all the lovely yellow and purple and green. The yellow and green is going all the way down my chest. My wattle is gone!! Yippee, I hated the wattle more than anything else.

Face Lift October 15, 2007

Well, I finally did it. I've been saving for over a year and talking about it for 4 years. Now that it's done - WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! Didn't think about how closed my eyes would be, can't read or type on the computer, can barely watch TV through slits. Dr. Terry Zimmerman in Folsom, CA. did a brow lift, lower blepheroplasty, platismaplasty and a full face and mid face (cheek) lift. Not as painful as it looks.

Sunrise Churh Craft Fair Proceeds - November 30, 2007

Got the check from the church craft fair today. My gross was $328 and $102 was Jan's so with the tax and commission I made about $200 so not horrible. Of course there's the $50 to be in the show so a net of about $150, not so great after all, less than Bella Vista. I still like that show though, especially the not getting up at the crack of dawn part. Did a little shopping today. Got Joe a gift card from the Game Stop and got John one from Borders. Borders had golden retreivers there from Homeward Bound Golden Retreiver Rescue, Bear and Hyper. Bear was huge for a golden and sooooo sweet, hyper was a petite little girl and hyper.

Craft Show November 10, 2007

Went and picked up our crafts from the church today. Hard to tell how much was sold but I know I sold one typewriter key bracelet and a couple of bookshelves and almost all of the gift card holders. I think Jan sold a lot of pocket guys and all three of her mother's hanger pocket things were gone. Went to dinner with Lesley, Lindy and Mary at Sizzler after loading up.