Face Lift - October 28, 2007

Day 14, starting to look more human but still look stoned and beaten. I got my staples out on Thursday. I'm still picking out scabs and probably will be for awhile as they seem imbedded in my hairline. I ran out of fingers and my toes wouldn't reach into the picture so I've resorted to sticky notes. Day 12 looks better than today because I was wearing makeup. I'm also peeling which I didn't expect. If the one red eyeball and the chin bruise would go away I would look more presentable. The bloody eyeball doesn't show so much in the pictures but I look stoned in person. Still very swollen, feel like if you stick a pin in my face I would fly around the room. Lots of numb places. He said I would have a numb head for months. Weird because it itches but I can't scratch it, the sides of my upper cheeks feel like I'm touching a suede jacket, weird but not painful. My ears hurt but I have very sensitive ears anyway. Everything on the right, the side with the bloody eyeball is larger and more numb than the other side. With make up and sunglasses don't look too horrible. Went to Ikea for coffee Saturday and went to Jan's and watched the movers load up her stuff but that was it for me for the day. Usually, I can't stand to stay in the house for more than one day and I made it 13 days without going anywhere except to the doctor's office. Ok, I forgot a quick trip to WalMart after leaving the doctor's office the day he took out the remainder of my staples. Just got some heat patches for my shoulder. Don't know what happened to it when I had my face lift but woke up with a trashed shoulder. Didn't need the pain pills for the face but for the shoulder. I have a big lump in the scapular area and my shoulder is lower now and I can't get my arm up over my head. Can't put my hair in a pony tail and have to take my tops off through the arm hole which means I can only wear stretchy fabric. The Dr. swears they didn't do anything to me, like drop me off the operating table or swing me around by the arm. You can see a corner of the heat patch in this photo and my right shoulder is noticably lower.

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  1. The reddish eyeball you're talking about is quite noticeable in the photos, Lyn. But you probably look better by now! Are you still maintaining yourself with procedures?

    Terry Bayer