Got Dish Network Today - November 13, 2007

I got DISH today. Went to the auto show yesterday and there was a Dish guy there so talked to him and signed up. Got a free HDMI cable from him which is a cable for HD TV which is one cable that replaces a bunch of the seperate ones and is supposed to give a better picture. I can't remember now what he quoted in price but it was only about $5 more than paying now and that includes DVR, except we have HD now with the new TV but that is free for 6 months then will go up $20. The installer said we had to hook up to a phone line and I said no we don't and he said all the new boxes have to be hooked up and I said my friend just got a new one 2 days ago and isn't hooked up and the guy didn't even mention it to her. He said that it's $4.99 a month less if hooked up to a phone line. We don't have a phone jack where there won't be a cord across the room so the guy said to get the converter box thing that you plug in but that it was like $90 from Radio Shack so don't get from them. He said Ed (the guy I ordered Dish from) would probably just give me one or charge me $35 for one. He said he would probably charge me since he gave me the install for free. It will come in the mail in a week or a week and a half so will find out then. Different to get used to, different channel numbers to learn, have to set up favorites and learn the DVR but I think I'm gonna love it.

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