New TV - November 4, 2007

Got a new TV at Circuit City. A 40" Sony LCD, one of the ones I had been researching, it's the middle model of the three basic ones, there are also 2 XBR models which are way more and I can't see a difference. Vic wanted to get the top of the basic three but Circuit City already had the best price on that one and it was $300 more than the one we got. He figured he could get the fancy surge protector and the 3 year extended warranty for the difference so got the lesser model and got the surge and warranty. Also Fry's was the best price on the one we got so Circuit City matched it so saved $80 on that. Anyway it was $1499 plus the surge protector and the warranty and $115 of tax (Placer Co.), just under $2000 all together. The guy at CC carried it on his shoulder to the car as it's only around 50 lbs. so I knew we could get it in the house easily and the box had handle cut outs so was no problem. However, and here comes the comedy --- the old TV is about 250 lbs. We brought in the Total Trolley and put it in front of the TV stand. I tried lifting my side to see if I could lift it and I could lift it up but knew that I couldn't move it out and then squat with it down to the trolley so I started thinking. I figured we could take the foot stool part of the chaise on the chair with a cushion on top and lift it to there and then down to the trolley. Well - of course I lost it on the way down and it bounced on the footstool and to the floor. That would have been a good video. Anyway, it didn't break luckily as that would have been messy. Since it was laying screen down on the floor Vic just rolled it over and I held the trolley and he lifted one end and just shoved it on the trolly. So we were able to wheel it out to the garage where it sits on the trolly waiting for an e-waste recycling. Lesley sent me a link to an event on the 17th at a school in the south area but was thinking how the hell will we get it up into a vehicle, so I started looking around the internet and found a place that advertised they will come to the house and get the stuff for free. So I filled out the on-line form and they are supposed to contact me with a date for pick up so that will be good and save having to try to get it in a vehicle. After we got the TV ate at Ruby Tuesday on Eureka. I had only eaten in the Woodland one and it was ok. There is a Folsom one now and just accidently spotted the one in Roseville and it was much nicer than the Woodland one. Salad bar was good and I had the spinich dip appetizer along with the salad bar. Vic had a big burger which he said was good. Anyway this place on Eureka I had never noticed before but it's a little row of buildings that are almost all restaurants. There's a pita place, a pasta place, mexican, ruby tuesday, something called Utopia Grill another place with a man's name which I can't remember and I think maybe a couple more. I'll have to check them out for when it's my turn to pick dinner out with the girls. Lesley and I went and dropped off our shelves, etc. at the Sunrise Community Church last night for the craft show starting on 11-8-07 and ate at Wonderful so I have about 3 more meals out of my combination plate and still have spinich artichoke dip from Ruby Tuesday. Have to mark more stuff today and at 1 p.m. tomorrow we take our crafts to the church.

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