April 7 - Monday went to Port Angeles and got a room at the Red Lion and directions at the Visitor Center. Went to Lake Crescent in the Olympic Park and walked around a little bit, saw lots of deer, didn't make it to Marymere Falls because it was raining all day and too muddy for regular shoes, but went to another waterfall that was beautiful and on a paved path, Madison Falls. Mostly drove around all day and looked at the scenery as it was raining all day. Spent Monday night and got the ferry in the a.m. to Victoria.
April 8 - Victoria, BC. - what a nice place and the weather turned out great. Walked all around downtown and to Chinatown which was surprisingly small for the oldest Chinatown in the west. I'm used to San Francisco which is very large and very Chinese!!! Victoria seemed so yuppiefied, only a couple of blocks seemed to be traditional chinese stores and markets and most of the people there were white or southeast asian. Got the ferry back to Pt. Angeles at 4 p.m.and drove down to Tacoma arriving around 8 p.m. Found a hotel and went to an Indian casino called the Emerald Queen, the place was huge, way bigger than any of the indian casinos we have here, more on the par of Reno or Lake Tahoe but not as large as Vegas.
April 9 - Went to the Glass Museum in Tacoma and saw some pretty stuff and headed to Seattle. Went to the Space Needle and did the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square, went to Pikes Place Market and saw them throw the fish, don't know if I caught the throw on my camera or not.

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