Went to the State Fair, yuckier than usual. Got a fairly decent picture of me at the Indiana Jones exhibit.
The entire theme of the fair this year was Hollywood so lots of movie stuff including original props from some movies. There was the Delorean from Back to the Future and a few other things I can't remember. The fair is the same old crap every year, all that "As Seen on TV" stuff. There were a couple of cool things in the art exhibits which are my favorite buildings anyway. They had a horse, not the whole body, made out of driftwood and an entire bear.

Saw some kittens, especially cute and weird was a Hairless Sphynx, it was licking Vic's finger like crazy, must have been the broasted chicken or the deep fried Spam. She's so odd I don't think I could deal with a cat that looked like that but she was so sweet.
Ok, I mentioned the deep fried Spam which was gross. I love Spam but not this, the batter wasn't crispy and the Spam was raw inside. I like my Spam crispy. Now, I finally got the deep fried Snickers this year and Yum-O. I loved it, the Snickers was all melty inside the batter. I like my chocolate soft and melty so it was right up my alley.
What they did this year was to offer free parking before 4 p.m. on Monday and Thursday and $5 admission before 5 p.m. on the same days. So it only cost $5 to go and I controlled myself with the food, the Snickers, a soda, a corndog, got out of there for under $20. Didn't buy a thing.


Finally got my new fence in June. Most of it blew down in the big storms in January. I spent some time getting estimates and procrastinating and finally did it. The company I hired did the plain fence and we did the decorative top. actually Vic did 90% of it, I cut almost all the 2x2's for the top. I lucked out big time by finding 78 four foot long 2 x 2's at an estate sale for 50 cents each so saved a lot of money as I didn't have to buy too many more, just all the long ones and a few extra and the decorative post toppers for the 4x4's. Did the entire front and street side and did one section on the dog run side that is outside my office window so I'd have something to look at. I've since put up a couple of tin wall decoration things with fake ivy in them and we've added solar lanterns to the other side.


Ok, it's been ages since I posted anything - soooo lazy!
Took a few classes at The Stamp Art Shoppe last month. This is from the class called Story Canvas taught by Chris Cozen who is the author of Altered Surfaces and is a working artist for Golden Acrylic Colors. She was a great teacher and very helpful with composition which is something I'm not great at. She knows so much about mixing colors and glazing that it was overwhelming.