Finally got my new fence in June. Most of it blew down in the big storms in January. I spent some time getting estimates and procrastinating and finally did it. The company I hired did the plain fence and we did the decorative top. actually Vic did 90% of it, I cut almost all the 2x2's for the top. I lucked out big time by finding 78 four foot long 2 x 2's at an estate sale for 50 cents each so saved a lot of money as I didn't have to buy too many more, just all the long ones and a few extra and the decorative post toppers for the 4x4's. Did the entire front and street side and did one section on the dog run side that is outside my office window so I'd have something to look at. I've since put up a couple of tin wall decoration things with fake ivy in them and we've added solar lanterns to the other side.

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