I finally got around to making a soap pump out of a mason jar.  I’ve seen them around the internet and my friend bought a vintage peanut butter jar a couple of weeks ago and didn’t want the lid so I happily took it.  I bought a blue mason jar for $6 at an antique store and used the pump out of my old soap dispenser.  I did have to cut down the plastic straw part as my jar was shorter than the old dispenser.
Started with the lid.  I took it to my drill press and started with a small bit and gradually moved up several sizes.  The hole wasn’t big enough and I didn’t have any bigger bits so I took tin snips and snipped the edges of the hole and wiggled the pieces out with a needle nose pliers.  Not the neatest hole but it won’t show.

Slipped the pump in the hole and put a big mess of caulk around it to seal it and hold it in place.
Left it sitting around for a few days to dry thoroughly.
Got some clear soap so it wouldn’t look funny with a color in the blue jar.  Ginny is having her drink and admiring the new soap dispenser.

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