Day 12:  Thursday, Jan 17
Assignment:  Declutter book and media collections

I don’t really have many DVD’s, a drawer in my entertainment center is pretty much it.  I’m sure if I got in there I could find movies to send to the Outbox.  As far as music, I have 2 small binder things of CD’s in my vehicle and that’s it except for what is on my IPod.
Books, now books are another story, craft books and magazines.  I’m a book and magazine whore, I have a hard time letting them go.  Periodically I go through them and tear out what I want to keep and toss the magazine but not often enough.  As for the books I go through them each summer to find what I don’t want to sell at the Stamp Art Shoppe garage sale, so they get culled once a year and I haven’t been buying many so I’m pretty good on the books and they are all organized in my book shelf.
So, then what did I do today.  I worked on the island in my kitchen. 
January Cure Island Before(15)January Cure Island Before(16)January Cure Island Before(19)January Cure Island Before(20)
I got the entire cabinet part cleaned out (the six drawers are yet to come).  Filled one box for sale at the Flea Affaire in the spring and added more to my outbox in the garage for charity donation.  It’s so nice,  I opened the doors on both sides and you can see straight through.
January Cure Island After (1)January Cure Island After (2)January Cure Island After (3)January Cure Island After (4)

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