Day 13:  Friday, Jan. 18, 19 & 20
Assignment:  Weekly Flowers and Bedroom Cleaning
Not happening.  The bedroom isn’t bad although the boxes under the bed need attention.
Mostly hung out on the weekend with my friend Jan, running around shopping vicariously while she looked for new shower walls and doors and sinks and faucets.  I did take Dog to get his nails trimmed, he screamed like a tortured little girl.  They didn’t draw blood or hurt him, he was scared.  The lady at the shop said it’s the pressure of the clippers and the sound that scares them.
I cleaned the top part of my linen closet a little.  Got rid of about 10 towels into my outbox for charity.
Have to take the truck in to get the door gasket changed, it was soaking wet in there today and it hasn’t even rained.  Water pouring out of the visor hinge and the dome lights and the entire windshield was soaked.  I’ve had the windshield replaced and then removed and resealed again and it’s even worse and it hasn’t rained.  We’ve had over a week of freezing so I think the wet that was trapped in there froze and thawed.
I may not be getting all the cure things done but at least I’m getting things done and frankly more than I thought I would do, so far a success.

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