Day 14:  Monday, January 21
Assignment:  Getting your papers and files in order
I feel that I have pretty good control over my paperwork.  I pay all my bills as they come in through my banks online bill pay system and set them to pay at the beginning of each month, then I shred them.  I do have a couple of file drawers that needed attention however.  Got one and a half done.  Mostly hanging folders containing labels, transparencies, colored papers, transfer paper, maps, stickers, some papers for collage.  Got them all organized and filed in their proper places.  The other drawer is mostly Vic’s parents paperwork on their house, the improvements we made on the home, their final tax return, medical stuff from their final months, citizenship papers, trust binder, etc.  I’m going to get a box and put this stuff in it so it’s out of my file cabinet.

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