Day 17:  Thursday, January 24
Assignment:  Assess living room lighting and plan improvements
January Cure Living Room lighting (1)
I think I’m good with my lighting.  The ceiling fixture in the foreground of the picture is in my dining area, it’s a combination living room dining room so that is my main lighting for the living room.  I spent years, literally about 15 years, before I found something I liked to replace the builder brass fixture that came with the house.  Now I wish I had something different, more modern and funky.  It’s on a dimmer and I use that a lot.  Of course the two big boxes of new curly light bulbs won’t work in it because they aren’t supposed to be used in a light with a dimmer, I didn’t think to read the packages before I bought enough for the rest of my life, oh well.
January Cure Living Room lighting (3)
This lamp is a 3 way and it’s fine, don’t use it a lot because it’s not on the side of the sofa that I sit on.
January Cure Living Room lighting (4)
This is my antique floor lamp that I purchased at a street fair many many years ago.  I’ve changed the glass shade a couple of times and it’s in need of a good polishing.  I’m not in love with it anymore but it provides direct lighting down on me where I sit all the time so works perfectly for my needs, practical needs, not necessarily aesthetic needs anymore.

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