Day 5: Tuesday, January 8
Assignment:  Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month take “before” photos.
Ok, I’m choosing the entry closet, since it’s been bugging me for awhile now and it’s the first thing when you enter the house.
BEFORE:  What a hole.
January Cure Entry Closet Before(6)
It took about 3 hours, but here’s the after below.  I don’t think the carpet in here has been vacuumed in 15 years.  Went through the coats and put a bunch in the Outbox, tossed an old broken Swiffer, hung my flag outside, put the gift bags in another room, the canvas tote on the door holds all the mopping and dusting heads.  I washed them all and cleaned all the filters in the vacuum and cut off all the hair in the vacuum brush.  Tossed an old lunch tote with a broken handle, put all the candles that were in a shoe box in a plastic tote along with candles that were in other places in the kitchen cabinets.  The Shark steamer is new, I bought this for the house instead of flowers.
January Cure Entry Closet After (1)January Cure Entry Closet After (2)January Cure Entry Closet After (3)January Cure Entry Closet After (4)

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