Linking up to Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen Café .  The texture today is minus43 which was the temperature outside the day she made the texture.  Yikes.  I used it at multiply 80%.  Kim posted a great video about using textures, wish I had watched it before doing this one or I would have flipped out the green which I'm not crazy about and would have used the layer mask with the gradient, I really liked that one.  Too lazy to go back and work on it.
This guy is a Tundra Swan I think.  I took it in December when we went to see the Tundra Swans specifically, but there were Snow Geese, Egrets, Ibis, all sorts of birds that I don’t know.  I just like to take pictures of them.  But pretty sure this is a swan due to the long neck and the snow geese have black on their wing tips.  Follow the link back to see lots of other inspiration.
Swan good close up kk -43 at multiply 80% kimklassencafe


  1. Wow, he's even graceful looking in the air! Lovely!

  2. This is really really pretty!!