Yes, I’m one of those people.  I read the obits every day, not just to make sure my name isn’t there, but to count how many people are younger than me.  The older I get the more there are.  Well, a couple of days ago it was a really strange read.  There was someone I went to high school with, not totally strange, it’s happened before.  But, there was someone else.  I recognized the last name (not a common one), but not the first name so I read on.  It listed the deceased man’s parents, there was the connection, his parents had been friends of my parents, I remembered them.  So what’s odd about this occurrence you may ask?  The deceased was 90 years old.  What the???  How is it possible that I remembered his parents and he was 90, and on the same day someone I went to high school with died.  I don’t know why this creeps me out so much, it always makes me feel old when people my age or younger are dying but the whole “knew the 90 year olds parents” thing was just to much.

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