Missed the official harvest moon two nights ago as I was out running around and didn’t have my camera.  By the time I got home it was too high.  So, the next night we went out to find a nice flat rural spot to catch it rising.
Got some “just ok” pictures, but there’s nothing a little Photoshopping can’t fix.
Here’s the moon Thursday night 9-19-13 with Kim Klassen charmed texture.

Here are the originals that made up the above picture.
Copy of Harvest moon best one bEFORESKY BEFORE


  1. love that you married the two images - makes for a perfect composition...

  2. Thanks Amy,
    I just can't leave things alone. I know some people who don't think the color of the sky should be changed or anything beyond basic photo fixes. I say "A little Photoshop can fix anything". I all about altering the cr*p out of things, even myself. Look back on my blog to October/November 2007.

  3. You crated a stunning picture of the moon!