This is my drill box with my faux fall leaves it in and my little faux white Dollar Tree pumpkin and a cute little jar I found at Goodwill and decorated with some twill ribbon and jute twine and some redwood cones from my yard.  The little pumpkins inside are some sort of pod, I don’t know the name but they are really light weight and look just like tiny pumpkins.
This is textured with some textures from Snapseed which I just discovered.  Also textured with one of Kim Klassen's textures called BackIn.
Mini pumpkins_Snapseed2 and kk backin


This is a photo of some vines growing on the cinder block wall surrounding the garbage bins by one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Sabores, in Roseville, CA.
Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to brighten them up a bit.

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I finally got around to making a fall garland that I’ve been thinking about since seeing something similar on Pinterest.  It started with a pile of sticks in my side yard.
I picked one and started cutting slices on my miter saw and then drilled a hole through each one with my drill press.

I had some old acorns, the big ones that were sort of yucky so I washed them in warm water and vinegar.  I picked up some of the smaller long ones last week.  Put them on a cookie sheet and baked at 175 for 1 1/2 hours so they would dry out and not be buggy.  Glued the nuts and caps back together with hot glue and gave them all a quick spray with clear Rustoleum.  The large acorns I drilled through so I could string them either with the jute or with wire.  I just hot glued the small acorns and the pine cones to the jute.
So there it is all strung up and here it is with a texture from Kim Klassen called Annabelle.


Yesterday I went antiquing with my friend.  We went down to Modesto, Manteca, Salida, Escalon, etc.  Found this beautiful pumpkin display at a cute little pop up shop along the way.  Wish I could remember where it was now since we found it accidently by following a sign.
I did sign up on their mailing list so will find out where they are in November when they  open again.  They only open a few times a year and boy did they have a lot of nice stuff.  My friend got an awesome window and the man was nice enough to finish breaking out the glass for her.  That’s the one there behind the others with the zig zag top, he broke out the large pieces and the small triangles are all still intact.
Jan's Window


I was trying to clean out and organize some of my photos, name some of the folders, organize the photos into folders that made sense, etc.  Anyway, I found some photos I took at Casa De Fruta in Hollister, CA. a few years ago.  Love the fallishness!!  Linking up at Kim Klassen Friday Finds.
Casa de Fruta 9-29-09 052 (50)

Casa de Fruta 9-29-09 052 (36)
Casa de Fruta 9-29-09 052 (4)


I got around to doing my fall mantel even though it hasn’t been at all fallish around here.  The mantel is pretty much the only fall decorating that I do so now I’m done until Christmas, yay!
Granted, I had to do it twice to be happy with it. 
Fall Mantel 2013

Mantel My Pics (16)

Best Mantel 2nd try with overlay(3)
No, there isn’t chain link in my fireplace, that the reflection of my rug, here.
Still I hate the glittery pumpkin on the scale.  I won two of them at Bunco a few years ago but I’m not a shiny glittery person.  I would prefer to get a big gourd of some sort.  That might still happen.
Best Mantel 2nd try (4)
The below image is textured with a Kim Klassen texture called “abstract” using color on 100%

Best Mantel 2nd try (6)kk abstract color 100%

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