Ok, I’m not much of a plant person.  Don’t particularly like the clutter and also not so good at keeping them alive.  I do have an african violet that a friend gave me at Easter several years ago and it is doing well.  I even put it in a different pot in the last year and cut off a baby that it had and potted that, and it’s blooming now also.  Go figure, I kept a plant alive – can’t say the same for outside.
Here’s my offering for Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen.  I used her textures Nora at Multiply 100% and Isobel at Soft Light 50%.  I also spun Isobel around so the blue was at the bottom rather than the side and erased it off the flowers.
Hop on over to Kim's great blog and check out everyone's great offerings.


  1. You did a beautiful job with the texturing. Pretty image.

  2. Wonderfully textured! I can't grow any thing indoors for some reason. lack of watering I believe. LOL