I was doing my usual this afternoon, going to estate sales.  It’s amazing how many there are per week around here, at least 5 to 10 a week and I don’t even go to the ones that are more than 10 miles from me unless the pictures show something really tempting.  Also, I’m not a morning person so I never get the good stuff that all the resellers buy for their antique booths, thrift shops and Ebay stores.  I spotted this tree as I was pulling away from the curb today so had to stop and go up some ones driveway to snap a few pics of the heart.
Heart Tree 3


Found these things are growing in my front lawn.  Don’t know why, maybe all the drought and then a couple of days of rain did it. 


Today’s Texture Tuesday theme over at Kim Klassen is “light”.   So, I went searching through my pictures for something representing light.  I didn’t want to do my usual sunset or flower shot so found this one taken inside Preston Castle back in 2010.  I think I posted some pictures on here a few years ago.  They have a website besides the Facebook page but I couldn’t get it to open, maybe it was just me http://www.prestoncastle.com.  Looking at the pictures makes we want to go again.  This is an old reform school that was called the Preston School of Industry and was closed in the 1960’s I believe.  There has been a long struggle to get the place restored and it’s worth every cent.  This shot is inside one of the rooms with light streaming through the windows.  I dodged and burned and used Kim’s texture called enlightened (because of the name of course) at softlight 55% and overlay 31%.  I’ll attach a couple more pictures of the castle for your enjoyment.  It is located in Ione, CA., which is near Sacramento.  If you are ever in the area I highly recommend going, however, they are only open at certain times so check the schedule, they also have special tours, Halloween, Christmas, ghost tour, etc. 

DSCN4176 DSCN4211 DSCN4220 DSCN4262 DSCN4324


I've been planning on making my own bus scroll for years, ever since I first started seeing the originals from England on line, like here and here.  Then I started seeing signs that people made like here and here.  I didn't want a random one with streets or areas that meant nothing to me and I decided I could make one representing the buses I rode around my town when I was a kid.  I lived on the #1 Folsom Blvd. line in Sacramento, CA. and that was the main bus I took to go downtown.  From there you could get to other areas of town although I mostly just went downtown to shop or go to the movies or hang out in Capitol Park feeding the squirrels.  My mother and I would get on the bus to go downtown to have lunch with my father while he was at work.  I couldn't remember most of the actual routes but was able to find some references online and just winged it for the rest of them.  I also wanted to make an eye chart for some odd reason, I guess just because I like typography.  I could have made the ones you see all over the internet like these on Pinterest where the letters make cute sayings but I just wanted a standard one
I used Microsoft Publisher, to design the printing.  I picked different fonts and messed around with layout and stuck it on a flash drive and took it to Staples for an Engineering Print.  This is a super reasonable printing method.  It’s only for black and white and it’s on regular paper, but I don’t think it’s too thin.  They can do very large prints for around $2 each.  The problem first arose when they tried to download my document.  I had a very old version of Publisher and they couldn't duplicate some of the fonts and the spacing was off also.  So back home and redid it in Word.  Back to Staples and what they ended up doing was making an 11x14 print and then scanning that and printing from their scan.  I got a 22x32 of the bus scroll so I could wrap it around the edges of the canvas and a 12x22 for the eye chart.  Total cost a little less than $4.
I think I did the eye chart in something else but can’t remember now, maybe PicMonkey or iPiccy.  I can’t remember where I got that textured background on the eye chart.
bus scroll

I had several canvasses with ugly painting on them that I got at an estate sale for fifty cents each.  I would have preferred a long skinny canvas but wanted to work with what I had so I picked the 20x30 one for the bus scroll and the 10x20 for the eye chart because I thought it was too small for the bus scroll.  I decided on spray glue because I didn’t want wrinkles and I knew Mod Podge or gel medium would cause wrinkles.  I put the papers face down on my island and traced around the canvas onto the back after carefully centering the canvas.  The eye chart was pretty easy since it was small.  I took it outside and just held the top and sprayed.  Carefully carried it into the house and laid it face down on the island and lined up the canvas with my pencil lines and pressed down.  I smoothed with my hands on the inside and then turned over and pressed and tried to work out any air pockets (there are a few remaining but not horrible and with the pattern of the background don’t show much).  Cut in at the corners, several different ways at each corner trying for a best corner.  Found that it didn’t matter that much which way I did it.  Used gel medium to stick down the edges around the canvas, as I figured a few wrinkles there wouldn’t really matter.  
IMG_7078 IMG_7079 IMG_7080
Ok not bad.
Now the problems begin.  It didn’t seem like it was windy outside.  I knew I couldn’t just hold the bus scroll paper so took it out front and laid it on a bush and sprayed.  Picked it up to go inside and there was a little gust of wind, combined with thin paper that had been rolled.  Of course part of the bottom rolled and blew up and stuck.  I tried but even as I was trying I knew you can’t unstick it, especially on black, every mark would show.  Of course it wouldn’t unstick and only got worse with trying.  Here’s the result, which included some frustration taken out on it.
IMG_7083 IMG_7084
Into the trash and off to Staples again.
This time I got smart and clipped some "chip clips", those things you use to keep your potato chip bags closed, to the bottom of the print so it wouldn't roll up and so the wind wouldn't blow it.
Outside again and sprayed the back with Super 77 spray glue and carried it inside and laid it on the island face down.  Put my canvas on it lined up with my pencil marks and pressed down on the inside.  Flipped it over to press it some more on the front and saw some shiny marks on the front.  I don't know what it was, maybe something on the island, I have no idea.  Also, saw some shiny fingerprints on the front, guess my hands weren't super clean.  The problem is that everything shows on the black.  Used some gel medium again to do the edges.  See that pie in the background, maybe Sara Lee was the grease culprit.

Here's some of the spots, they show pretty well in the photos, and in person.

Here they are on my shelf in my craft room.  I tried to lap the eye chart over the shiny spot on the bus scroll to semi conceal it.  It's a semi fail due to the shiny spot and finger prints, not living room worthy but fine in my craft room and basically cost me $5 for both so no big loss financially.


I pulled these camellias off my cousins plant today.  I just floated them in my mercury glass bowl which was a Goodwill find.  Edited with FotoFuze.


It’s finally raining.  We’re still going to have a drought but at least it’s finally raining, almost half way through February.  Also, we’ve had so many “no burn” days I haven’t been able to burn the wood a friend gave me.  So tonight, homemade, stew, Grand’s Corn Biscuits, a fire, rain and the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  That bucket by the fire containing the wood will be in a future post.