I almost didn’t bother putting up any fall decorations this year, a week before Thanksgiving seems like it’s a little too late since I usually start putting up Christmas right after Thanksgiving.  I did manage to put up a few things yesterday, nothing fancy.  The only new item this year is the cute little cup and saucer from Goodwill that I put some spanish moss in and a ceramic pumpkin.  I scattered the saucer with acorns and some sort of cones that I picked up at the hospital when I went to get my flu shot.  Don’t know any other place with acorns around here.  I’m sure there is, just have never noticed I guess.

Sharing with Kim Klassen Friday Finds.

The one below is altered using PSE 8 texture palette knife.

I love the live edge mantel so much, so glad I spent the money.



I put that huge stack of books to use and got my tree made.  I got the inspiration from the blog Vintage with Laces.

I used some bead board I had in my garage for 20 years for the background.  I thought the beadboard looked too busy so I used the back.  I just used wood glue to glue a couple of scraps of wood to the back to hold them together and used hot glue to glue on the book spines.


Took a little walk within a couple of blocks of my house the other day and there is more fall color than I’ve ever seen in the neighborhood.

This one is a local park just about a block from my house, textured with Kim Klassen texture “minus 43”.

Here’s some without textures but of course edited some, just levels, colors, removing people and benches and volleyball players and nets, etc.

The tupelo tree in my front yard.

Fall colors in the hood 16

More pictures from the “hood.

Fall colors in the hood 12 Fall colors in the hood 13 Fall colors in the hood 19


My cousin recently sent me a pin of a Christmas tree made from book spines because she knows it’s my type of thing, It’s on the blog Vintage and Laces.  So I had to start looking for books to make it. I had a couple at home but needed more and appropriate sizes, etc.  I found a pile at an estate sale for $1 each, and then yesterday I went to the SPCA book sale that they hold here twice a year.  I have more than enough now, enough for several trees now.
As I started going through them to cut the spines off I found two things.  One was a letter from an elementary school, don’t know what school but since I got the books at a local estate sale it might have been a local school, I’m going to dig a little since I have the principal’s name on the letter.
IMG_8522 IMG_8523
The next thing I found was that someone had hollowed out a book to make a little secret hide-away.  My hopes were up for a second, but no, nothing was in it.  I think I’ll keep this one, just needs to be re-glued.  Not that I have anything worth hiding.  Now I haven’t even started my project that I set out to do when I found these, maybe there will be more treasures.
IMG_8524 IMG_8525

Dandilion Photoshoot – Texture Tuesday

This little guy was growing in my lawn so I plucked him out for a photoshoot.  I’d love to be able to get one of those shots where the pieces are blowing away from the stem but so far unsuccessful, I think you have to have a fast lens.

This one is textured with Kim Klassen textures Pieces and Edward.

Dandylion with shadow kk pieces and edward

This one is textured with Cherish.  Lately I’m into the pattern from my blinds.

Dandylion with drill box kk cherish 100 mult

Here’s some more without textures.

Dandylion with drill box Dandylion with sepia and color adjustments Dandylion with shoe last Dandylion

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Camellias – Texture Tuesday

Got some more camellias this year from my cousins house.  I’m going to have to try to grow some because they are awesome.  The bush   these came from is probably 70 years old and huge.  This is textured with kk_daisy used to change my kitchen wall on the upper background     of the photo, and kk_0603 over the entire thing