My cousin recently sent me a pin of a Christmas tree made from book spines because she knows it’s my type of thing, It’s on the blog Vintage and Laces.  So I had to start looking for books to make it. I had a couple at home but needed more and appropriate sizes, etc.  I found a pile at an estate sale for $1 each, and then yesterday I went to the SPCA book sale that they hold here twice a year.  I have more than enough now, enough for several trees now.
As I started going through them to cut the spines off I found two things.  One was a letter from an elementary school, don’t know what school but since I got the books at a local estate sale it might have been a local school, I’m going to dig a little since I have the principal’s name on the letter.
IMG_8522 IMG_8523
The next thing I found was that someone had hollowed out a book to make a little secret hide-away.  My hopes were up for a second, but no, nothing was in it.  I think I’ll keep this one, just needs to be re-glued.  Not that I have anything worth hiding.  Now I haven’t even started my project that I set out to do when I found these, maybe there will be more treasures.
IMG_8524 IMG_8525

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