This is the book I'm going to use for taking notes, getting peoples e-mail addresses and websites and blogs, writing about ArtFest, etc. I bound this awhile ago just playing with the binding machine at my local stamp store. It doesn't have any actual art paper in it so really can't be painted in, just some handmade paper, scrapbook paper, tags, book text, just random stuff. I was going to make a nice art journal and painted up several pages on nice Fabriano Artistico paper and started putting a book together but really messed up with the binding and it won't open and close smoothly so will end up taking that apart to keep the paper and do something different. Maybe I'll just bring the paper with me to ARtFest in case I can get other's to journal on them for me and I'll bind them when I get home. After I took this picture I stamped Artfest 2008 on the front but kind of messed it up. I might pry off the owl if it comes off easily and put another piece of paper on the front and re-do it as I'm not going to unbind it and do a new cover, too much work. Started organizing a bunch of stuff to take, have my warm and cool pajamas in a pile with a pullover sweater, my toiletries, trades, a tote bag, a fold up suitcase that will fit in my suitcase in case I have to bring another bag home with me. I might end up going to the post office and mailing stuff home if I buy too much stuff. I know I'll go crazy at vendor night. I think I'll take $400 in cash but that has to last the next 5 days after ArtFest also. Booked a room at the Swan for Sunday night 4-6-08, the guy said I can leave my suitcases at the Bishop until check in time so I don't have to drag them around town with me as check in isn't until 3 p.m. Now I need to book a room in Seattle for Wednesday 4-9 and possibly Tuesday and for the days in between we'll wing it. Definitely want to take the ferry to Victoria. Got a good deal at the Salvation Army 50 percent off sale today. Got a hooded raincoat and a hooded windbreaker both for $5.68 total. The raincoat is too large but will fit over a shirt and sweater as everyone has said we need to layer for the weather up there. Got the windbreaker for if it's windy or slightly rainy without being too cold. Don't think I can wear a sweater under that as it's a little small but I can zip it up. For under $3 each I couldn't be picky and if I want to I can donate them in Seattle before heading home.


Today was the day!! I finally had my hair cut off after 2 years of growing. I had 13 inches cut off. I feel naked and cold. I'm sending it to Locks of Love


Finished my trades for ArtFest. Did 55 charms made with beads that look like tiny mahjong tiles and dangled a little dragonfly. I packaged them in little zip baggies with a Moo card.