This is a barn near Marysville, CA. where they flood the rice fields every fall and the swans come from Canada on their way south.  Didn’t see too many swans this year but there were geese and some other black bird, lots of the black ones.  Still have time to go back as they should be there for most of December.
I went black and white with the barn and added in the geese from another photo using the Magic Extractor in PSE 8.  I dodged and burned and then added the taped photo frame from Lunapic which is a fun free photo editor which I keep forgetting to use but it has a lot of neat effects.
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It’s Friday Finds at Kim Klassen so here’s my find.  I was hitting up the thrift stores last week for nothing in particular and found this vase.  It smacked of mid century design to me, maybe it’s not, but that’s the feeling I got from it.  Don’t know if I’m going to keep it or Ebay it, but it sure is sweet.  Guess I could have put a flower or a branch in it, duh!

Vase 3

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My friend went to Gibson Ranch the other day and emailed me some pictures.  That reminded me of when I went there in the 1980’s for a work picnic and took a picture I have always been crazy about.  This was way pre-digital so I scanned it and cleaned it up some and brightened it up, etc. etc.  Just don’t look to closely. 
So here’s my Friday Find at Kim Klassen, the photo from the 1980’s.  Hang on ducks, you’re falling!!!!
Gibson ranch cleaned up and saturated


Ok, I’m not much of a plant person.  Don’t particularly like the clutter and also not so good at keeping them alive.  I do have an african violet that a friend gave me at Easter several years ago and it is doing well.  I even put it in a different pot in the last year and cut off a baby that it had and potted that, and it’s blooming now also.  Go figure, I kept a plant alive – can’t say the same for outside.
Here’s my offering for Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen.  I used her textures Nora at Multiply 100% and Isobel at Soft Light 50%.  I also spun Isobel around so the blue was at the bottom rather than the side and erased it off the flowers.
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Today on Friday Finds at Kim Klassen there was some great quotes and an awesome 5 Chapter autobiography.  This is one of my favorite quotes.

"Her life was okay. Sometimes she wished she were sleeping with the right man instead of with her dog, but she never felt she was sleeping with the wrong dog."
- Judith Collas.

Another one I like, “Remember, you are unique, just like everyone else”.


Went to Placerville last Friday to a craft show.  Stopped by this lovely little church with beautiful fall colors.
This first picture is using Kim Klassen texture “minus 43” at Multiply 50%.
Church Placerville near Spring and 49 (21)dodge and burn sign removed copy kk minus 43 50
The rest of these are just dodged and burned in PSE 8 and the last one I messed with in PicMonkey.
Church Placerville near Spring and 49 (13)resizedChurch Placerville near Spring and 49 dodge and burn (27)Church Placerville near Spring and 49 dodge and burn (29)Church Placerville near Spring and 49picmonkey (23)