I have used Shutterfly several times, for books and for cards as well as prints.  I have always been happy with the results.  They often have special deals for free books.  I just made one called Altered Images with photos that have been altered with PSE 8, Tintii, Picmonkey, iPiccy, and several other free photo sites.  Lots of textures from Kim Klassen Cafe.
This is my latest book Altered Images.

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Went to Petaluma to go to Heritage Salvage to get some wood.  Then headed to Sebastopol for antique shopping at Ray’s Trading Post and Antique Society.  Decided to take a drive and headed to Bodega Bay and Jenner.  Took some pictures in Bodega of the church and schoolhouse from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.
This photo is at the church in Bodega.  This is processed using tintii and then PSE 8 with Kim Klassen nested texture.  Submitted to Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday.  Check out her site for lots of cool pictures.
tintiied bodega daffodils kk nested

This is the church from The Birds, it is still a functioning church.
This is the schoolhouse from the movie, it is now a private residence.
Seagulls at Bodega Bay, no pelicans today.
Lots of good wave action, it was windy.


Went to Daffodil Hill in Volcano, CA. last week.  They have just opened and the daffodils are about 25% in bloom but still beautiful.  Went on a weekday so not crowded.
Daffodil (2)Daffodil Daffodil HillDaffodil2Daffodil3Daffodil5Daffodils2FootHannah (1)IMG_4541


Ok, this is my boy Sam. 
I dressed him up in my grandmother’s fourth and final husbands outfit by using his picture for Sammy’s body.  Then I opened a picture of Sam and erased around his head with Photoshop Elements so I just had a picture of his head without any background.  Then I made it transparent and slid it over the old guy to see where it lined up and used the sizing handles to make him fit.  Erased the rest of his fur from the suit and erased the old guy’s ears and top of his head then merged them together.  Made it sepia and added the corner flourishes and name at the bottom in PicMonkey.  Added Kim Klassen texture paperscript at softlight 71%, then erased the texture from his face. 
Isn’t my boy handsome?Sammy in a suit picmonkey with kk paperscript at softlight 71%
Guess I should include the originals of how they looked.
Old Man Noyes and Sam