This is what I came outside to find Sunday afternoon. My poor old uninsured car. One tire was also flat. Spent all day Monday, in the rain, calling around and running around. Had to have AAA come to put on my spare which was almost flat and the AAA guy's compressor had been stolen so he didn't have any air for my spare. So I had to drive at 15 MPH down to the corner gas station about a mile away and their air hose was missing. Had to limp across the street to another gas station and got air. Drove down to Big O tires where I found a set of used tires for $72.10, I needed the other front tire anyway. Rain coming in my rear window the entire time. Waited around for the tires to be changed and drove home in the rain again. I called a bunch of window glass places and boy does the price vary, from $170 for a used window to over $400. What a rip off. The window guy I found said to come at 1:00 so waited until then and went and got a rear window for $190, driving in the rain again. At least the window guy vaccumed up all the glass from inside my car, or most of it anyway, there is still some on the floor in the front and under my windshield wipers of all things.
Tuesday, got my fat book pages mailed off. It was hard to let them go.

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