I have four boxes on my desk for my internet, phone and TV.  Four seems excessive to me, and they aren’t attractive so I took it as a challenge to hide them.  I was hiding them behind a photo but that was pretty boring (although the subjects of the photos were not).
While cleaning my closet I found one of those cardboard magazine storage boxes.  It was an ugly brown office type of holder, not at all attractive.  I thought if it was wider it would work, so I cut off the sides and replaced the center portion with a piece of cardboard.  I had a roll of black and white polka dot gift wrap so figured I would use that and then add in color to go with my room with scrapbook paper.  After adding the center piece of cardboard with some bookbinding tape I took it outside to spray glue it so I could stick it to the gift wrap paper.
IMG_8309  IMG_8312IMG_8310 IMG_8308 
I did a pretty sloppy job folding over the paper and gluing it down as I figured no one could see the inside anyway.

I just used a glue stick to stick the paper down to the back.  When I stood it up and folded it, of course it wouldn’t stay so I used a scrap of cardboard  to make a piece to hold it closed.  Worked great.
Here it is all done except for the decorating, which is the fun part.
IMG_8315 IMG_8317 IMG_8319
I got a piece of plain scrapbook paper at Joanns that was a close match to the paint color on my ceiling and in the closet.  Now of course something else was needed.  I was on the internet the other night, as usual, and saw a tutorial by the wonderful Graphics Fairy here on how to make a digital collage using PicMonkey.  I have Photoshop Elements 8 but also have used PicMonkey and it’s great but didn’t need all the steps in PicMonkey since I decided I could do it with PSE.  I love altering photos, and have no idea why I haven’t dabbled in digital collage before.  The most important thing I learned from the tutorial was the images needed to be .png rather than .jpg because the background would be transparent.  Karen the Graphics Fairy provided the images she used in her collage and I used some of them and also I Googled “free .png images” and found quite a few.  Converting images to .png is something I’m going to have to learn to do as I love the digital collage.
Digital collage
Besides the images I used textures and the paint feature in PicMonkey.  I’m pretty sure I used at least one texture from Kim Klassen who has marvelous textures every week.  I did so much messing around with this that I didn’t write down what I used or what I did,  I wish I had because now I’m afraid I can’t replicate it. 
Anyway, here it is all put together.
DSCN0030 DSCN0039 DSCN0040

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  1. Very creative edit. I know what you mean…..I get so lost in my edits sometime I cannot, for the life of me, remember what the various steps were.