JANUARY CURE Day 3 and Weekend

Day 3 Assignment: Buy flowers, vacuum, mop, gather earth friendly cleaners and use the outbox.
Ok, now this is getting harder.
For one the flowers are out, too smelly for me.  They are supposed to be a visual symbol of my commitment to caring for my home. 
Vacuum and mop – well my housekeeper will be coming on Monday so I don’t need to do the floors, what a cop out right?
Stock up on green cleaners – again not for me.  I don’t really care about green cleaners.  Maybe when I run out of my antibacterial Windex I’ll try a green cleaner, but I’m not going out of my way to get something now.  Besides I’m cheap.  That’s how I can afford a housekeeper.
Use my outbox – again I can do that, no problem, I love getting rid of clutter.  Put in some more junk.

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