Dandilion Photoshoot – Texture Tuesday

This little guy was growing in my lawn so I plucked him out for a photoshoot.  I’d love to be able to get one of those shots where the pieces are blowing away from the stem but so far unsuccessful, I think you have to have a fast lens.

This one is textured with Kim Klassen textures Pieces and Edward.

Dandylion with shadow kk pieces and edward

This one is textured with Cherish.  Lately I’m into the pattern from my blinds.

Dandylion with drill box kk cherish 100 mult

Here’s some more without textures.

Dandylion with drill box Dandylion with sepia and color adjustments Dandylion with shoe last Dandylion

Hop on over to Kim Klassen to see everyone’s awesome photography.


  1. ooooohhhh that is really pretty! especially the ones with the blinds, i can see why you are attracted to them. I wonder if you could have a fan or have someone blow on the dandelion outside and keep taking photos really fast if you could capture it? I think photos like that are really beautiful too!

  2. Love the light in your photos! You can actually 'hook' the seeds to each other to make them look like they are flying away Maybe a plain background would be best if you try this! I did!